Data Management

Data Management
Effective data management is the foundation of successful data-centric strategies. Modern architectures need to consider the growing speed and volume of data to ensure systems can interact with it without putting undue strain on the operating systems and infrastructure. This means considering:
  • Where should we house our data, in the cloud, on-premises, or a hybrid of both?
  • How can modern, open source, data management frameworks, such as Hadoop be leveraged to optimize performance?
  • How can we ensure that data is backed up and quickly recoverable in the advent of a disaster?
  • How can storage costs be optimized?
  • What tools and dashboards do we need to optimize decision making?
  • What database solutions are the right fit for our business?
To help our client address these issues, among many others, we work to map out data management architectures and designs. We also provide our clients recommendations on purchasing the right hardware, software and services to fit their unique requirements and cost constraints. Finally, we assist in the delivery and implementation of the right solution and provide ongoing support.

Our network of data management experts and business partnerships in the storage, database, and data warehousing markets enable us to provide multiple approaches to complex problems. With such a wide variety of skills and solutions at our disposal, we can ensure that the right skills, products, and services come together to deliver a unique solution.